Sunday, 9 September 2007

Mary Kostakidis Lamington Action

Bethany J Fellows presented a small Lamington Action in Fed Square on September 8th in response to Mary Kostakidis' departure from SBS Television. Positioned in front of the SBS building the artist offered free lamingtons & badges emblazoned with Mary's face. Public support for news reader Mary Kostakidis was overwhelming, the general consensus being that she was very much loved by the community and also thought to be very attractive. People also really like free lamingtons. Security asked Bethany to leave Fed square on two occasions despite their lust for lamingtons, the stall eventually finding a safe haven in front of St. Paul's Cathedral on Swanston St.

Why Lamingtons?

"I thought they were the most succinct symbol to represent both Australian Values and Mary Kostakidis"

The event was documented by Trippy Taco employee Claire M Alexander.

The Artist with Fed Square security.

"You want a Lamington? They're FREE!"