Sunday, 27 May 2007

Helen Hunt Fitness Regime

The Artist brings word that her Helen Hunt Fitness Regime outfit is well underway. Shortly she will embark on a rigorous training program to get her in shape for her major performance later this year. She will be trained by well known Wing Chun master Akean Lewinski. Bethany J Fellows and trainer will be filmed during the process and ultimately featured in a larger video work.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007



The Artist Bethany J Fellows announces open auditions for new friends.

friend (noun)
1. A person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts: amigo, brother,chum, confidante, familiar, intimate, crony, mate, pal, buddy, sidekick.

Applicants will need to write a brief character breakdown and outline previous experience. A photo will not be necessary as the audition procedure will be filmed. The Artist will be auditioning people one at a time and the process will most likely vary for each individual. Please allow plenty of time and wear something you are comfortable in and does not restrict movement (preferably non-flammable).

Please note: If you are already one of The Artist’s friends you are not eligible to apply unless you would like to apply for a different position to one you already hold, eg you regularly exchange pleasantries when you see Bethany on the street but would like to be re-cast as “best friend”.

This is a voluntary platonic position. No one will be paid. Bethany J Fellows encourages the fusion of diverse cultures and new forms of performing art.

Hippies and those with a penchant for gypsy music need not apply.

Thursday, 10 May 2007


Bethany J Fellows staged a small performance on the 9th of May in response to her burgeoning Work for the Dole status and Ash Keating's rival performance a block away. Dressed as a giant taco she sat on Swanston street's notorious begging strip for four hours. She earned $9.55. Some kids bought her some corn chips. No one had any salsa.

The performance was filmed by Samuel Indratma and in watching the rough cut seemed altogether more hilarious than the actual event. This will hopefully be available online soon.
The artist was also approached to be in a play at La MaMa theatre but who knows if anything will come of this. Sam got the director's number.
She was photographed numerous times.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Our Lady

"Our lady helen hunt of brunswick station touch my soul this mornin as i rode by, her divine spirit emanating from thee platform, amen"
Text from local resident Kate Anderson

Britney Spears Vigil

Bethany J Fellows presented this Britney Spears vigil on March 3rd in response to Britney's concerning behaviour. Staged in front of Forepaw on High St, Northcote's premier art venue, it was a fantastic success and overall raised general awareness about and support for Britney. We lit candles, held hands and prayed whilst listening to a selection of Britney's songs recorded in 'better' times.

Another vigil was staged a week or so later at Alia in Collingwood. A man shaved his head in solidarity, more candles were lit & there was dancing!

Billi Lime: Dancer.

Friday, 4 May 2007